Credit Card Processing

Retail Time Credit Card Processing Software is the fast and easy way to process credit cards on your PC.

The software can be operated independently or integrated with Retail Time POS. It replaces dedicated payment processing terminals(i.e.- credit card machines) and supports all major credit cards, check approval and gift card processing.

We support payment processing over existing dial-up phone lines or broadband connection.

  • Free setup
  • NO additional equipment required
  • Online reporting
  • Excellent rates

Save Time

Lightning fast authorization! With Retail Time Credit Card Processing options, authorizations occur in less than five seconds.

Eliminate Errors

An integrated system reduces errors because the charge amount is passed directly to the credit card processor with no manual intervention. No more miss-keyed entries and no unhappy customers who later discover they were incorrectly charged.

Reduce Clutter

An integrated system reduces desktop and counter clutter.  All transactions, both application and credit card, can be handled through the same computer and printer.  You will NO longer need a separate credit card terminal and printer.

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